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I had purchased a lifetime equipment contract. Upgraded to the new satellite.

Was told they didn't have the lifetime contract and they would not carry my contract on the new satellite. Instead they told me that they would refund what I had paid. Told me I was to apply for the refund after I signed the new 2 year contract and started my new service. Guess what, I called to apply for my refund and was told it was denied.

I told them that one thing I really hated was being lied to by a company that was suppose to be honest. They gave me excuses they had never mentioned before. I understand, but thats not the point. Being lied to and trusting them was the point.

I was thinking of dropping them, but this lie changed my mind. Now stuck in a 2 year contract.

Beware, they will lie to you to get your business. As I read on another review, viasat is only interested in money, not their customers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Viasat Internet Equipment Leasing.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I didn't sign anything, but they tell me I'm in a 2 year contract? After a couple of months I'm done!!

They don't have my credit info any more which I am grateful for. I'm just sending all their stuff back and they can go ahead an report me.

Is what I'm doing any different then what they are doing? I'm not paying for service I didn't receive (my internet has been out more than it has been working!)

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