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My friend has used viasat for years. First 'wild blue' and second 'exceed' (means 'exceedingly *** Now they are advertising "seamless video streaming" and other bogus claims, since their service has always been horrible and slow.

They have a disclaimer in their contract which says (paraphrased) "we will take your money, but we don't guarantee service." If you lease their equipment (meaning it belongs to them) and it *** up, the bastards charge you a hundred bucks to come out and fix THEIR JUNKY CRAP!! Their "seamless streaming video" has always spent more time buffering up than the aspirin companies. Apparently the term "super high speed" only refers to how quickly they can take your money. Their customer service is just as horrible as their internet service, and they get their noses out of joint if you become annoyed at being screwed.

Unfortunately, out in the boonies, people are delegated to be raped by bozos like them and Hughes.

Don't expect any of their promises to be kept, however. If you go with them, practice touching your toes and invest in vasoline.

Product or Service Mentioned: Viasat Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Amen, looking to start a class action lawsuit because they also sell your data

@Keith Ritman

Keith, if you do, let me know.


I switched to Via Sat from Hughes Net. Thinking it would be as good as Hughes net.

Every time it rains the satellite goes out. I have called for service, and they refuse to come out. The tech that installed it told them it was the only place he got signal. But he didn't check other places.

I watched what he did. Only checked the one area. There customer service stinks. What happened to making the customer happy?

Not with this company. I would not recommend them to anyone. Hughes Net while more money is a better company.

Their signal stays up even through snow and rain. The only time it went down on me, was when the dish was covered in snow or it was raining so hard you couldn't see in front of you.