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This is one of the worst experience I have had with an internet company. I got service in Feb.

2016 I paid in the beginning a fee to hook it up never signed a contract with this company but they said I did. Directv was the company to connect me with this company was suppose to be a bundle deal meaning I should of received one bill but never did received 2 seperate bills. Argued the point both with Directv and viasat exede no one would combine my bill. Then the internet service sucked.

It was slow and 10 gb were gone within 2 weeks of the month I would call and they would tell me what to do but same thing the next month got tired of complaining customer service reps were not to helpful most of the time. So Directv screwed me so I decided to end my contracts early with both companies. So of course exede said there is an early termination fee I said I refuse to pay never signed a contract the service sucked and as being a consumer and paying high dollar for internet service that last 2 weeks out of the month that I was a very disatisfied customer. That is not good enough it was either put up and pay for another year or have a early termination fee.

So it is March and I check my bank account after trying to get online to see what my early termination fee would be cannot get online it keeps telling me to contact the internet provider that hooked me up well viasat is the company that collected my money out of my bank account every month I tried to call and it would say my phone number is no longer accepted please contact the internet provider that connected you. So I called from my cell phone finally got someone. Of course could not explain to me why they rejected my calls and why I could not get onto my account online. I asked what my bill amount was she has stated zero was due.

I proceeded to ask her to take my billing information off I no longer have service with this company she said it would take at least 10 days. No mention of an early termination fee at all. 2 days later $176.00 was taken out of my bank account by viasat. I cannot get a hold of anyone through this company to find out what I am being billed for or anything.

I have contacted my bank they are investigating it. DO NO GET THIS INTERNET SERVICE.

They have commited fraud in my eyes. They advertise fast speeds they also advertise bundle deal with Directv which will connect you with this service I have only had bad luck with this company and Directv would not recommend either of these companies they both need to be investigated for false advertising.

Product or Service Mentioned: Viasat Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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