Vinita, Oklahoma
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I sighned up with viasat being very cautiously, I'm awear of loopholes and missleading advertisers.

I questioned them regarding unlimited service and programed slowdowns.

But the saleswoman convinced me that viasat would more than BEAT my exsisting internet service. I was shopping for new, better internet service for the very reason of speed and buffering.

So for dubble the price i left a comany i had been with for 10 pluse years to sign on with liers viasat.

So after 8 months im now paying $264 to brake the 2 year contract.They are that BAD. They claim unlimited service 12 plus mb speed. Like many others have stated "every month you get two days of streaming and 28 days of buffering. Viasat cannot service one device let a lone a household.

Im willing and ready to join a classaction suit. They run nonstop TV adds knowing full well they cannot deliver. LIERS

Product or Service Mentioned: Viasat Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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