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This company should be put out of business. I have been a customer for years.

I've put up with there slow speeds the whole time. Not only have they completely cut off my download speed but they have tried to console me to stick with them through this hard time. Lol. It has never changed.

The whole time has been a joke. It started out as wild blue. Then viasat bout them I decided to go with their unlimited plan just to see if I could get a decent download speed but there take on that is "Up To 25 MLS. Dont be fooled by this "up too means none.

I've been waiting for a download for months. It's just ridiculous that I have 0 download speed when I haven't even reached my cap. By they way there is a cap on unlimited. How do I proceed.

Call them. I get the runaround. Let's run a test. Nope let's dont run a test my equipment has been tested a hundred times.

Look people there is a thing called throttling where they can speed up or slow down your speed dont let them fool u. I proceeded to explain to the poor guy listening to my abuse that someone needed to speed up my internet or disconnect me. Pick one. I am no longer a customer of viasat after spending thousands of dollars and many years.

Make your choice.

Dlnt be fooled by these people. It's just ridiculous.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Drop dead.

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