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Once again charging me for a device that is not even in my home. Using up 15% of my data as it showes on data used devices.

Its a chrome button, like a fire stick. Its not even in this house, and they charge me data for it. They once charged me my entire months worth of data just because it was plugged in and not used. Actually had only been used once but not even during the time I had wifi.

They claimed it needed a update? I smashed it. They will never give you data even though I pleaded with them I need it to work from home. We dont watch movies at all with it because you cannot for one thing.

We check email and my husband plays a word game. So working from home has been a nightmare. I try to look at pictures on my ipad, and they are blurry because the wifi will not let them completely load. We cant change companies, we live in a small town that big companies dont want to do business with.

Not enough $$$ for them to come here.

They only give you service if they pay the bill for you by your cc and they dont tell you what your bill is until after they charge it. Your bill is never the same amount.

User's recommendation: Don’t do it.

Location: Lake City, Florida

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