I have been a long time customer with one account active in Wickenburg, AZ and just a few months ago added another account for my home in Parks, AZ. Installation was difficult in Parks because of pine trees but after repeated attempts by the manager of the installation company he found a signal. The first attempt by a technician failed to get a signal and after spending all day and into the night he still couldn't activate. This attempted activation was given an account number and without my knowldege I had been paying over $600 on this inactive account. When I found out what happened I called Customer Service and explained the situation. I eventually received a refund for the payments and that account was closed.

I recently received an email saying I owe over $300 for equipment on the now closed account.

I called back Customer Service and they advised that I didn't owe any money after I repeatedly kept saying I don't have any equipment.

Today I find out that Viasat has turned me in to collections for this amount of money.

WTF???? I am a paying customer with two active accounts paid in full with NO history of late payments and you turn me in to Collections for equipment that I never had???

Why didn't Viasat check with their installation crew??? The manager, Alex, was the tech that came out and got me a signal when the first tech couldn't.

I frustrated that Viasat would do this and want someone in corporate to know what's going on.

My homes are open for inspection to see what equipment I have been given and do not appreciate having my credit ruined for *** accusations .

I do not have whatever equipment they think I have!!!!

Someone please contact me!!!!!

User's recommendation: Check your account monthly and make sure you are not being charged for stuff that you don't have. They did this on an account that had no service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Viasat Customer Care.

Location: Maricopa, California

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