Englewood, Colorado

This internet connection is the worst ever - besides dial-up.

Direct T.V. sent them as a provider they use and have had it like 3 months and have never ever been able to use the WILD BLUE E-Mail yet as they continually say it is down for repairs!

They boast of fast speed! Sometimes my old dial- up was faster! They are terrible! Hope you have other things to do- as you wait for anything to download!

And they also forgot to mention that they automatically deduct their monthly bill from your bank account- also which I never would have done if they would have informed of their policy first! Service is a joke! Stay away from them- dial up is better and you can even send them a check every month! Also I have tried to have it taken out and have made several calls to them right from the start and then I was told that they will remove it but will continue to charge me every month for the remainder of the 24 month contract I guess I am under!

What a total rip off! I have no problem with Direct T.V.

Service except for this- Shame on them for sending this worthless company to rip people off! Go through any other provider that you can find - including dial-up services if you have to but STAY AWAY FROM VIA SAT!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Viasat Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $768.

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