My original problem was I was getting an error trying to setup and access my email on a new computer. The local tech support through my dealer also had the exact same error I was getting and passed me on to the main company tech support to try and fix it.

The guy (Nathan, I think?) answers the phone and I right off have to tell him I can't hear what he's saying. I had to repeat this multiple times during the call as he was not talking into his phone or headset and was near impossible to hear. He is able to get into the email right away and starts going off on me about using the correct login and I state I had been trying to get in for nearly the last hour and the other tech guy had the exact same error I was. We go back and forth for awhile about this, finally he puts me on hold for a minute and when he comes back I can magically access my account again with my same login information I was using before.

No apology for the way he harassed me over my login information when clearly there was something on their end that was the issue that was fixed while I was on hold. Then, I tried to ask a question the local dealer couldn't answer about the speeds slowing down if we go over the limit. Our speed is supposed to be "up to 25mbps" on our new plan yet I only see about 2mbps and I wanted to know if the speed would slow off the base speed we are supposed to get or the speed I am actually getting. He kept repeating what their end claims my speed is and refused to listen to me that I can see that as well with a check at SpeedTest.net but our download speeds are nothing close to that.

Rather than trying to answer my original question about how the speeds get slowed he starts in about how I should use a "hardline" connection instead of wifi and I had to correct him that I already am using a direct connection to the computer and always have. He then starts in about devices accessing the internet and I tell him there are no devices accessing the internet and there is a big argument about how he claims they will still access it even if they are not turned on and he refused to listen to my setup where I have to manually type in the wifi password and manually connect on the few devices we do have here so they are not accessing the internet and slowing things down. He starts going on about some Samsung device showing as being used over our connection and he argues because I tell him we do not have anything by Samsung in this house, so he starts in about neighbors using the internet. Our neighbors are 1/4 mile down the road and have their own satellite internet.

I also tell him I have programs to monitor bandwidth usage on the computer which I have used these last several years and can confirm they are accurate. They match the usage amount on our stats. Nobody is accessing our internet but us. He goes back to arguing about the Samsung device we don't have (clearly their stats are not as accurate as they think) and then he tries to go back to devices using the internet and slowing it down.

I come back with the fact that this has been an issue since we first got this service 3 years ago and we did not even have wifi setup for a full month and had this same issue so wifi is not the problem. He then starts in about problems around the house with the connection then and that he wanted my cell phone number to send a link to me which I then have to repeat to him I live in the middle of nowhere... there is no cell service here so he starts talking rudely to me and implied I was stupid and he meant to access it through wifi. Why would I need a link on my cell phone to solve a problem with the satellite internet speeds when I was talking with them on the phone?

The cell phone has nothing to do with internet speeds and he could have provided the information over the phone. I'm sick and tired of dealing with him at this point and just end the call. The question never got answered because he started in on something unrelated rather than what I actually asked. The problem with the email was clearly their end and he attempted to put the blame on me for making typos and trying to login to the wrong area (which I was not....

I can login to the location I was trying to because the dealer pointed out there's where I go to login and change my password). The guy refused to listen that I am able to login to the location and implied I didn't know what I was talking about. I'm not an idiot when it comes to computers but he assumed I was and treated me that way despite clearly knowing what I am talking about, especially at times where he didn't have a clue. If it was not for having no other options where we live we would have switched to something better a long time ago already.

Satellite is too expensive for what little bandwidth you get and the service is always disconnecting or struggling with speeds.

There are times we are down to near dialup speeds all over again which is why we tried this service to begin with... to get away from dialup.

User's recommendation: Avoid the company if possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Viasat Technical Support.

Preferred solution: They don't offer a way to review their customer service so here is my suvey instead.

Viasat Pros: Either this or dialup again.

Viasat Cons: Customer support that treats you like you know nothing, Slow speeds that do not match the plan, Lot of disconnections.

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