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I am 4 months away from my contract end and will not renew. I only need the slow speed to go on line to pay bills and used email.

I get 19G high speed for my granddaughter which she uses up in 7 to 31 days. It appears that Viasat turns off your connection toget you to buy more high speed data. I used their app to check the system. It says there is s connection problem.

Do the hard start and a few times it works but only for a short time. Do it again same problem but didn’t connect. It tells me to contact them by chat or telephone. Go to chat explain the problem in chat window hit chat and it tells me I am in line.

While waiting for a rep sometimes it connects. Other times it does not. Chat says I have to call to get it resolved or buy more data. I also pay extra for the equipment to be serviced.

When I call they sometimes can get me connected. But is doesn’t last long but they say I’m out of my high speed data and I should buy more. I tell them I only need the slow speed but they tell me in the small print it says they can shut me off in high demand times of the day. I’ve talked to them many times and get different responses except for I should buy more high speed data.

They say they want to schedule a tech to come out to check the equipment. I did that but an hour or so before the tech was to arrive it connected and stayed connected while the tech was here. The tech did find a ground that was never installed when the system was installed and installed it. Less than an hour after the tech left the system disconnected again.

I called again and they could fix it and wanted to send out another technician but told me if the technician couldn’t find a problem I would be charged a service call fee even though I pay the the equipment to be serviced. It appears all to clear that they are turning off the connection and turning it back on st their will. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY! If they can’t get you to buy more high speed their going to get you with service call fees.

I pay $96.57 a month for service, equipment service and don’t get that often.

I’ve even been disconnected when I still had high speed data left but again they said since I run out of high speed every month I should buy more (but they did get me connected for the rest of my high speed). It will cost me $75 to cancel my contract and amabout to do that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Viasat Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The first month the service was awesome! I live in the country and cable refuses to come down the road.

ATT service was often very slow if at all, so we thought the sat-wi-fi might be the answer.

NOW, in the second month, the service is slow, slow, slow. Very disappointing.