Tucson, Arizona
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Around the end of June i ordered Wild Blue, Via Stat, Exede. not really sure what company i was dealing with. they where very polite on the phone and professional

A few days later someone from i assume a 3rd would country called set an install date for 07/04/14 (Friday) so i scheduled the day off, missed out on triple time to have my new high speed internet installed. So on July 3 someone called from WildBlue to schedule an install date again. i was like what, they already set an appt. for the install on Friday, the operator/ customer rep. said we are not working on 07/04, but you called a few days ago and set the appt. i took the day off of work already. the rep. said well we don't work on July 4. then why did you set an appt. for July 4? Well Sir would like to re-schudgule your install? Well how would like to compensate me for my lost $300? we can't do that sir. i said that they should cancel my install and i would find another company to get my service from and please credit my credit card for the money you already took. she said that they would and it should be 7 to 10 business days, i said but you took the money the day i ordered the service. Well Sir that is how it is done.

After looking for another satellite internet provider i again called Exede, Wild Blue, Via Stat and gave them another try, set install for Wed. 08/06/14 and got a confirmation e-mail saying the the installer will arrive between 8am and noon, again no show no call. So at about 1:30pm i called the Customer Service number provided in the e-mail and they said our system is going thru upgrades and we are unable to help you right now, try back in about an hour. i got the same mesg. after the first install attempt.

I run a small service business and i am always available to my customers even at dinner with my family, it sometime suck, and i don't expect every one to be as dedicated as i am. but on a Wednesday at 1:30pm. What is happening in America that is making Customer Service a last priority for BIG BUSINESS?

Ever walk into a BIG BOX STORE? and tried to find help? forget about it.

I guess i will keep looking for a good internet provider, It sure wont be Exede, Wild Blue, Via Stat, and *** not to CentryLink, they SUCK as well.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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