Where do i start..

I signed up at 60.00 a month in 18 they say after three months it goes to 80.00 mo. i got a basic bronze plan. They said 25mps unlimited. i said ok they installed it. I've never hit 14 but would have been happy with 14

about one into service I could not dream anything not even a YouTube vid.

I upgraded to silver plan got my bill, and it was Normal price i called i said i get a 20 discount first three months. They said no u changed service I said I upgraded giving u more money you take my promotion away ? You punish me for giving u more and buying more service...lol THEY ARE THIEVES i could barely get online if at all. i called them they say i maxed my data if 35gb i said whlatttt

i have unlimited they said yes but at 35 it slows down . i said that not unlimited thats limited. Neverthelesss they die noth it's been a battle i just finished my two contract. YOU VAN WHINE *** YELL.SCREAM COMPLAIN THREATEN WITH CONSUMER AFFAIRS... THEY WONT DO *** THEY SUCK

User's recommendation: pass dont do it.

Viasat Pros: Lags and slow.

Viasat Cons: Low data limit, Internet speed was so slow it was unusable, Dishonest practices, Very slow internet in the evening and on weekends.

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