The reason we started service with viasat is for "unlimited" internet. Many times we asked if we truly got unlimited service.

They lied and assured us we did. Service was so slow at times it was like my old dial-up. Trying to get customer service to talk with us, help us, or explain things was not possible. They must have a line of bs they need to follow because they keep repeating the same mantra that we were told in the beginning of the limit on usage.

Not so. Another lie from viasat. Even the tech who set it up was rude and left a mess in our yard after putting up the pole. Did not even want to stay while I tested to see we actually had service!

He draped black cable all over our white house, when he could have put it under the bottom of the siding easily. I wish we had gone with Hughesnet, as they at least told us the truth of how the service would be before we started it.

They are rude and unhelpful. Basically NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

User's recommendation: DON'T USE THIS TERRIBLE GREEDY UNHELPFUL RUDE COMPANY! I would rate them lower than a one, but no minus numbers on rating!

Location: Claremore, Oklahoma

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