Englewood, Colorado

I have been with VIASAT for many years. I have an allowance of 10 GB per month. I never get involved with Facebook, Twitter, or any social media. I never stream movies. My usage is to check e-mail and visit a few specific on line shops and occasional research. From customer service to tech support and in between, VIASAT has been excellent.

After doing a lot of research, I subscribed for the first time to a well-known VPN service. During the first two months, it had eaten up 3/4 of my monthly data allowance. I did a test. I uninstalled the VPN. My monthly data usage went back to within the typical normal range.

Before people bellyache and complain about ISP's, they need to read the rules and policies. People automatically consent to solicitations upon signing up, then turn around and go off the deep end getting verbally vile if their ISP sends solicitations! Anyone getting involved with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and the like, can't give a hoot about privacy, so why bellyache about solicitations?

How many system updates are performed during peak data usage times, i.e., Windows updates, antivirus program updates, etc? How many people pay attention and avert these updates to "free data usage" times?

I have learned that so many VPNs do not bother stay away from disclosing how they eat up data usage. All of these other entities reference above can and have done the same. My VIASAT stuck with me through the atrocious usage of my monthly data allowance. Why pay an ISP for 30 days of data, and a VPN, when the VPN consumes more than 20 days of the data usage?

I have no complaints against ANY ISP. People need to read the fine print, know what is being agreed upon automatically by subscribing, and make a judgment in their own best interests, before complaining. ISP's provide an invaluable service to communities across America, by allowing the public to keep in touch and updated with the times more than at any time in our nation's history. We all need to look to ways for making matters better, instead of complaining and bellyaching and making matters worse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Viasat Vpn Service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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