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Exede was working pretty good for me while it was still Exede. I received a flyer from HughesNet offering 30 GB/month for $100, far less than the $150+ I was paying for 30 GB/month from Exede. So, I called Exede and told them I was going to switch. They said, how about 150 GB/Month and a 25 mbps modem for $100? I said sure and stayed with them. And until the merger with Viasat, things were fine and I was pretty consistently getting 20 mbps after Exede sent me their 25 mbps modem/router.

After the merger with Viasat, I received a cryptic email saying yes, you have a 25 mbps modem/router, but be advised speeds are going to vary, sometimes more than 25 mbps and sometimes less than 25 mbps. The very day I received that email, my speeds began to vary dramatically… and in prime time, 2-3.6 mbps max. I never achieved 20 mbps again after that email.

I received a flyer from an outfit called Sure Site advertising unlimited data via Spring. I called Viasat again telling them I wanted to quit. They asked what they could do to keep me as a customer. I said I already have your best plan of 150 GB/month and supposedly 25 mbps. They said, well that’s one of our oldest plans. We can increase your speed, but you need to switch plans…. To something like 30 GB/month. I said why would I do that when I’m getting 150 GB/month?

Clearly, if you drop back to a 30 GB/month and get faster speeds, you’re going to use your 30 GB much faster… and if you want to keep the faster speed, you’ll have to pay and pay dearly once you pass 30 GB.

This is a pretty classic bait and switch. Lure them in with a good plan, then tell them you've got something better (but only because they crippled your good plan).

Product or Service Mentioned: Viasat Internet Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Viasat Pros: Little.

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Same experience for me almost exactly, except I max at 1.8mbps during peak times....pathetic

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